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with your trusted MSSP partner in cybersecurity.

We partner with you to protect your business and secure your future,
being your first line of defense against cyber threats.

50 years of experience in the Telecom and High-Tech global market

EDAO was founded by a professional group of technology and business development team with over 50 years of experience in the Telecom and High-Tech global market, with the vision to provide Technology Professional Services for enterprises, verticals, and consumer markets, globally.

Our Services & Solutions

EDAO offers a wide range of Professional Services with the necessary tools and expertise to help guarantee business continuity.
We partner with our clients focusing on their network structure operations as availability, provisioning and security needs while integrating cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, and methodologies as a service at customers’ premises and cloud base.

This is implemented as a service, combining multiple interfaces to the customer’s assets on premises and cloud base.


Managed Security Service Provider

Technology Integration & Operation

Education & Awareness

Benefits of working with us

Protect your business reputation

Assure business continuity

Optimized costs

Consolidated solution with MSSP

Inspire confidence

Your effectively protected business inspire trust in your customers, employees and partners

Boost your sales

Focus in your core-business activity, we will keep you and your customers safe